Mobile App Features

Mobile App Features List

With over 550,000 apps currently available on the marketplace your application has to add something unique.

Is your app idea different? Does it provide a solution to a problem?

Maybe it’s an add on feature to an existing product or service. It could be a new game or utility product. Whatever your app is trying to achieve there are a number of features which can be added to maximise the usefulness and functionality of the application.

At PureAppy, we believe in utilising the full potential of the mobile device and delving into new possibilities of what can be achieved by combining existing technologies.

You probably heard someone say “Is there an App for that” – with so many mobile applications currently available you need to make your idea stands out from the crowd.

There are a host of features available to consider that will help achieve your App's ultimate goal, whatever that may be.

Some of those features are listed below


One Touch Calling

Incorporate one touch calling within your app - this provides your users with an immediate one touch call to action.


Business Information

Promote your business, attract new customers, interact with or sell to existing clients. The potential is endless...


Image & Gallery Features

Creates an app using the camera function / allow the user to edit existing photos or simply create a customized slideshow of your products or services.


GPS Location

Include a GPS locator into your product / service. Let your customers find you or you find your customers!


GPS Vouchers

Enhance your users experiene through the introduction of location based coupons or vouchers.


Multi Platform Intergration

Have your app available for download on all platforms. We build apps for:iOS, Android,BlackBerry and Windows.


Push Notifications

Communication with your user s regularly using this cheap and often free messaging type of service.


QR Codes

Add QR codes as an alternative form of contact/product offers/product information etc.


Social Media Integration

Stay in touch with your users by maing your App available on their favourite social platforms; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.


WEB Servers

Web create bespoke web servers to satisfy the requirements of your app. You will have added freedom to add/edit content within the app after the app is available for download.


Entertainment Guides

Keep your users up to date with the latest news from your industry/product or service.



The notepad feature allows the user to easily record text notes - notes can then be forwarded by email, text or printed.


Mobile Ad

Easily integrate mobile ads into your app to generate an additional revenue stream.



The notepad feature allows the user to easily record text notes - notes can then be forwarded by email, text or printed.


Voice Recorder

Record a voice massage or include a record function within your app. Share the recording via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or